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Hearing Wellness Solutions

Comprehensive Services for Your Auditory Health

Balance Treatment

Dizziness or loss of balance, occasionally referred to as vertigo, ranks as the second most prevalent complaint frequently reported to healthcare professionals.
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Tinnitus Therapy

Tinnitus is a medical condition marked by persistent ringing in one or both ears, discernible solely by the affected individual.
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Auditory Processing Evaluation

While this disorder can impact individuals of any age, it is estimated to manifest in as many as 5 to 7 percent of school-age children.
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InTouch Hearing - Your Premier Hearing Clinic Serving Newmarket, Barrie & Alliston

InTouch Hearing is your optimal choice for comprehensive hearing solutions in the Newmarket and Simcoe regions. Our extensive range of services includes the provision of high-quality hearing aids, assistive listening devices, batteries, custom earmolds, swim plugs, musicians’ plugs, ear protection, precise hearing tests, professional hearing aid fittings, and more. Count on our experienced audiologist to guide you toward the ideal hearing aid that aligns with your lifestyle.

Our dedicated team is proficient in English, Spanish, French, and Vietnamese, reflecting our commitment to serving our diverse community. To schedule an appointment and prioritize your hearing health, please contact our office at (905) 967-0345 today.

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Discover our conveniently situated offices for your accessibility: Newmarket, Barrie & Alliston
At InTouch Hearing, we strive to provide easy access to our services across these locations to better serve your hearing needs.

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Hearing aids are available in a diverse array of styles and sizes.

Explore the advantages of each style and discern the most suitable hearing aid type that aligns with your specific needs.


Experience the Power of Behind-the-Ear Technology: Tailored Fit, Wireless Connectivity, and Effortless Volume Control at Your Fingertips.


Dependable and Convenient: Our Receiver-in-Canal Device Offers a Lightweight Feel, Flexible Fit, and Ranks Among Our Most Popular Systems.


Individually Crafted for You: Our In-the-Ear Hearing Aids are Powerful, Comfortable, and Designed for All-Day Wear.


Seamless Integration into Your Lifestyle: Discover the Discreet, Glasses-Friendly Fit and External Controls of Our In-the-Canal Technology.


Elegance in Design: Our Completely-in-Canal Technology, molded to the contours of your ear, provides a superior fit, a natural look, and an exceptional hearing experience.


Discreet and Powerful: Our Invisible-in-Canal Hearing Aid Delivers a Secure Fit and Advanced Noise-Processing Technology, Perfect for Life on the Go.

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